Peron under Michelle Gibson

Abdullah under Conrad Homfeld


"The oldest and most noble German Warmblood, bred for riding for 250 years."

1. Breeding Goal: "A high quality multi-purpose performance horse for dressage, showjumper/hunter competitions and eventing,"used also for harness-sport. Origionally the most famous cavalry horse of the world.

2. Type: Usually standing 16 to 17 hands, combining the Warmblood qualities of great bone, substance and frame, friendly character and calm temperament, outstanding trot-movement and jumping-power with the inherited elegance, responsiveness and canter of the Thoroughbred and finally the beautiful head, the health and endurance of an Arab.

3. TRAKEHNEN/East Prussia 1732-1945:  German National Studfarm in East Prussia, founded in 1732 by King Frederic William I with the best horses from the Royal Stables, featuring 26 000 acres, 40 stallions, 500 broodmares. Breeding-sires produced in Trakehnen and owned by by the State-studs bred yearly about 30 000 purebred mares of East Prussian farmers; up to 20 000 horses per year sold to all five continents for cavalry, sport and breeding.
The moose-antler brandmark was used since 1787.

4. "The Trek" 1945: When the Soviets closed in on East Prussia, the remaining women, children and elderly hitched their wagons to their best Trakehners and fled westwards. They endured a 1000 km travel at below -20 C, the mares heavy in foal, barefoot, staying in harness day and night with little food and shelter. Finally surrounded on the shores of the frozen Baltic Sea, they charged across the treacherous ice, hunted by  low-flying Russion bombers. Only about 800 purebred Trakehners surviving that greatest performance test of all times, started the breed again in West Germany.

5. Trakehner breeding associations worldwide after 1945: German Trakehner "Verband" today about 300 approved stallions, 4000 broodmares, 2200 breeders. Florishing Trakehner societies affiliated with the Verband and sharing its rules in most European countries, in North America, (the ATA or North American Trakehner Association, the biggest warmblood-breed here with 140 approved stallions, 1000 purebred mares), Australia and New Zealand. Trakehners bred in Russia, South America and Africa. In Canada the independant Canadian Trakehner Horse Society  (CTHS) with 44 approved stallions, 209 purebred broodmares and 84 TB transfer mares.

6. Breeding System: Already in East Prussia Trakehner breeders pioneered selection and performance tests for stallions (only  about 2% of colts born approved) and broodmares, foal evaluation, auction sales for riding horses and breeding stock.
7. Influence on other breeds:  Trakehners used in all other German breeds (half of broodmares at German Championships with Trakehner ancestry), founding leading stallionlines (like Hannover A, S, T, L); same in the Dutch, Danish, Swiss and Swedish warmbloods, now even introduced into Selle Français.
8. Trakehners in the international sport: Numerous Olympic  gold medalists from 1920 on like Nurmi, Kronos, Ultimo, Hirtentraum, Pepel, Lauriston etc. Recent champions are: in showjumping Abdullah, Olympic Gold and Silver L.A., Worldcup Champion, Worldchamp., Livius, Bronze Europ. Champ., Gold Pan Am Games, US team member L.A.;  as Hunters US national champions Gabriel, Home by Dark, Schoenfelder; in eventing Amiego indiv. Bronze PanAm; in Dressage Dikson, indiv. Silver World Cup; 91 , Silver World Champion. 1990.  At the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996 Peron was rated the highest scoring stallion in olympic history. (Team Bronze) Other recent top Trakehners in the international sport are [Maxwell  by Kenner CAN, Sidney] Biotop, Almox Prints etc.
 ( Also see page 2, Trakehners at top level now)

9. Top Canadian Trakehners: Falko by Koree (ATCO Cup)  Grand Prix jumper,
Dressage: Heidekönig by Pikör, Prix St. George; Galen by Gero
Prix St. George & Intermediare I; Anaconda by Condus Prix St George & Intermediare I; Talisman  by Wermiszel Prix St George, Canadian Trakehners; Hy-Tec by Dobosz, Grand Prix.

10. The Canadian Trakehner Horse Society :The Canadian Trakehner Horse Society or CTHS was founded in 1974, recognized by the Department of Agriculture in Ottawa and affiliated with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation in 1975.
Provincial Branches: The Quebec Branch "TraQ" was formed and registered with Agriculture Quebec (M.A.P.A.Q.) in 1990. Other Branches were formed in British Columbia, Alberta Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

CTHS Branch Quebec: 1271 St.Louis, St. Lazare, QC, J7T 1Z9, Phone:450-455-3279, Fax: 450-424-5828
Email: <>  Website:

Can. Trak. Horse Soc.: Box 6009, ON, N3A 2K6,
Phone/Fax: 519-662-3209,


In Showjumping Abby Lane (teamrider Jill Henselwood), winner of Spruce Meadows Preliminary and of Grand Prix at Capital Classic Ottawa '91, in dressage Tiempo, Ntl. Grand Prix Bronze '88, Etcetera, Advanced Silver '87, new stars Alibi and Kronjuwel (Olympic Medalist Ashley Munro), Gold and Silver medal PanAm Games Cuba 1991; in eventing Harlequin, 3DE champion Interm. '88 and Amethyst, 3DE champion Interm. '89; in the showring Best of Times (Gov. General's Cup and Lt. Gov'sCup Royal Winter Fair TO) and Mentor (Lt. Gov's Cup Vancouver R.S.).Eventing star Larissa by Target/Lagune by Hemingway bred and owned by  F. Hollenbach, ridden by Bruce Mandeville.

Top Canadian Trakehners: Falko by Koree Grand Prix jumper, Dressage: Heidekonig by Pikör, Prix St. George, Galen by Gero
 Prix St. George & Intermediare I, Anaconda by Condus Prix St George & Intermediare I, Talisman  by Wermiszel Prix St George,

Champions nationaux trakehners du Canada:  au saut d'obstacles, Abby Lane (Jill Henselwood), gagnant de l'épreuve préliminaire de Spruce Meadows et du Grand Prix de la Classique d'Ottawa 1991; en dressage, Tiempo, médaille de bronze, Grand Prix 1998, Etcetera, médaille d'argent niveau avancé 1998, ansi que les nouvelles étoiles Alibi (Jill Irving) et Kronjuwel (medaillée olympique Ashley Munro) médaille d'or et d'argent aux Jeux panaméricains de 1991; en concours complet, Harlequin, champion interm. 3J 1988 et Amethyst, champion interm. 3J 1989; et dans l'arène d'exposition, Best of Times (Coupe du gouverneur général et Coupe du Lieutenant-gouverneur à la Foire royale d'hiver de Toronto) et Mentor (Coupe du lieutenant-gouverneur a l'exposition royale de Vancouver).

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